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Word Power, Inc.

WKZI-AM 800 Casey, IL WPFR-FM 93.7 Clinton, IN
WPFR-AM 1480 Terre Haute, IN WLHW-FM 91.5 Casey, IL

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Please pray for us and how you may be able to help keep the stations running. We are currently looking for parties interested in purchasing the stations. Please contact our oldest son, Doug, at indianacowboy gmail com if you know of anyone.

We are your radio companion as you plod hither and yon between endless rows of corn and beans through the Garden Spot of the universe.  You might as well get acquainted with some reliable guides while you aim for the end of the row.  Our speakers know and love the One who created the corn and the beans and they will treat your mind and soul to worthwhile ideas and neat information any time of the day and night because they know the Creator personally!

We are affiliated with Moody Broadcasting Network. Moody is not about our state of mind, but about our main source of programs. David Woodworth from MBN came down to help us during our recent Shareathon. A variety of programs explain His plan for you from the written Scripture, the only guaranteed source for a wonderful lifetime journey and relationship with no regrets. We sincerely hope you would entertain their suggestions for your life application.

Weekday mornings a couple of decaffeinated old corn flakes reminisce, chat, and slurp coffee.  They sometimes get really ticked about things, drag out the soapbox and climb on board. It is always good clean banter, stuff you can mull over and share without blushing. 

We belong to Word Power, Inc., a not-for-profit IRS 501(c)(3) corporation. WKZI 800 has been on the air with Christian format since 1993. WPFR-AM 1480 was REDEEMED from the SECULAR world in 2000. WPFR-FM 93.7 is several years old and WLHW-FM 91.5 came online in the summer of 2006.

We depend upon donations, business underwriting and a few commercials to meet our operating costs.  The Lord provides for our needs.  All staff are volunteers. We somehow manage to keep vendor bills paid up and current, but the hope of having enough surplus for a replacement or full-time helper has not happened.  We pledge to be financially responsible, no matter what.

Thanks for the visit.  Your comments are always welcome.

Paul & Eleanor

Updated 7/5/17